QuickFix Technology Inc.

You're a company with technology needs. You have computers, staff members, and a network. What you don't have is a multi-million dollar I.T. Department. That's where QuickFix comes in.

We bridge the gap between technology and communication. Striving to offer flexible customer service and customized solutions for our customers, QuickFix incorporates technology solutions of their own. For Example when you have a problem that can't wait, we are at your computer with live Remote Assistance. With Remote Assistance a QuickFix technician is able to connect directly to you computer and solve your problem first hand.

Another advantage for our customers is our broad spectrum of business solutions, from surveillance systems to website development. When you have a need to expand your business to the next level, we have cost-effsective packages to fit your needs. Whether you want the professional status of an integrated phone system, impress your clients with a hi-tech video board room or the security of an alternative power source, QuickFix offers you these and much more.

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